Monthly Message Jesus Shaped people gets under way on Sunday 2 nd September with small groups meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and also on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Please do consider coming along to one of the groups as we explore together what Jesus’s priorities were and what God is saying to us at Eccles Parish Church about ourpriorities. The first few weeks consider how Jesus’s actions suggest that in God’s Kingdom people are more important than rules or traditional ways of doing things. As well as preaching in the synagogues, Jesus also spent a lot of time out and about amongst the people. Most Church members find it hard to understand why so few people come to church these days. We may need to think about how we can go to them with the message of Jesus, rather than expecting everyone to come to us. Eccles Festival + Heritage Open Day Sometimes people will come to us because our church building is attractive and well positioned in Eccles Town Centre. We will be open on Saturday 9 th September as part of the Eccles Festival serving refreshments and encouraging people to begin the Town Heritage Trail at the church. There will be a Concert at lunchtime and we hope to make many visitors fell welcome. We will also be open on Saturday 16 th September for the Heritage Open Day. If you wish to volunteer to be here for an hour or two it will be appreciated. Harvest Festival This year our harvest festival will be on Sunday 23 rd September at 11.15am. Please consider inviting friends and family to join us. There will be a “bring and share” lunch immediately after the service. We will hear the well-known story of the parable of the sower and in our Jesus Shaped People groups we will be taking note of the way Jesus communicated using stories and illustrations from everyday life. Do you have a story to tell about how God is at work in your life? Church Finances Talking about money is never popular in churches, but as there are bills to pay we do need to encourage everyone to pray and think about how much they give. God loves a generous giver and so please consider how pleased God will be if we all gave a bit more. Gifts of time and labour are also very important too. If you, or a member of your family is willing to do some odd jobs around the church it will save us the expense of bringing in a builder or a carpenter.  Yours in Christ,