Monthly Message Why did Jesus go into the wilderness for 40 days before he started his public ministry? In the gospels we are told that he was led by the Holy Spirit into the desert to be tested by Satan (the devil). Our bible readings on the first Sunday of Lent help us to see the contrast between Adam and Eve tempted and falling for the lies of the devil and Jesus who resisted the temptation. An important aspect of the work of Jesus was to live a life as a human being without sinning. By spending time meditating on the scriptures he was able to rebuff the devil by holding fast to the words of his Father in Heaven. Have you ever wondered what Jesus did each day whilst in the desert waiting for the devil to show up? A few years ago I came across a short (4 minute) video reflection about the 40 days. You can find it on YouTube. These are a couple of the images used As we go through Lent perhaps it is an opportunity for us to spend a little more time in prayer and solitude. Prayer brings us closer to the heart of God. Prayer helps us to hear what he is saying to us about the way we live our lives. If you want some guidance on how to pray try